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Classes Cancelled 4/5/18 Thursday & 4/7/18 Saturday at york club Only!!

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We are considering hosting Master David Rivas for a ground survival seminar-to be held in conjunction with Tactical Martial Arts in Richmond, VA  in the July 2018 time frame. Because a seminar like this requires a massive amount of planning and commitment (financial and otherwise) , we are looking to see how many people are interested in attending an event like this.. A seminar of this type is typically held from about 9am to 3 pm on a Saturday and involves techniques to survive an attack when you have been knocked down, someone is on top of you, etc.. If there is enough interest, it is possible that we could also have a children's  self-defense/ground seminar for 2 or so hours on the Friday evening prior to the Saturday seminar.... So that we can get a feel for interest in this topic, please respond to this post via email to with something like "Yes, I am interested in attending a Saturday ground self-defense seminar like this "OR" Yes, I am interested in my child attending a Friday evening , 2 hour children's self-defense/ground seminar like this."  (You do not have to respond if you are NOT interested..)

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Taekwondo; Celebrating 25 years in the summer Olympic games. 

See you in Rio in 2016!!

Do I need to be in good physical shape to start martial arts classes?

 No. Our beginner martial arts class is specifically designed to safely and effectively get your body fit & conditioned. Our interval program helps students develop a more toned, flexible, stronger body allowing them to progress to the next level .

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