About Tuition & Payments



Our tuition is significantly discounted to reflect the noteworthy reduction in operating costs we've achieved and passed on to our students.  

For an even greater savings you may elect the option to pay tuition annually or semi-annually.  ‚Äč

Test payments are due with the testing application, and should be submitted as soon as possible after receiving permission to test from your instructor.

We hold monthly colored belt tests, and (2) Black Belt tests per year.

Fees differ slightly according to the location you attend for classes

FAMILY DISCOUNT PLANS at most locations!!! Ask us about this awesome deal!!

Payments are due at the first class of each month. Late charges added after the 10th day of the month.  

Please give your payment, or receipt for payment, to the instructor at the first class you attend each month.

Due to the complexity of facility schedules, holidays, tournaments, & special events, we cannot give discounts for classes missed.  We can give extra and/or make up classes. 

 There will be a $50.00 charge for returned checks.

For more information on locations and costs please contact Mrs. Master Tinnon at

(757) 903-1516

Combat Hapkido         

TeeN - Adult

 Combat Hapkido is a practical, self defense focused martial arts curriculum which is a perfect complement to Taekwondo, or it can be studied as a separate art.  This program involves the study of joint locks, break-away techniques, take-down techniques, tactical pressure points, ground survival, weapons disarming, and defensive tactics relevant to today's self-defense situations. Perfect for women as the techniques require little upper body strength, and are very effective.

Hapkido self defense instruction in Yorktown

Beginner/ Intermediate

All Ages 6-Adult

This class introduces students to the Olympic Sport of Taekwondo. Students learn their Form, One-Step Defense moves, and Olympic Sparring.  



Blue Belt-Black & Adults

This class furthers the Students techniques and physical fitness levels.  Cardio Drills, Calisthenics, and Boot Camp style Sparring Drills, advance the students abilities, helping them reach a black belt level of fitness

Taekwondo Self Defense Martial Arts instruction In Yorktown